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Updated: Aug 21, 2018

BBA 2012

Founder & Chief People Officer

People Mentality Inc


Interview questions sneak peek!

Q1. Human Resources line of work isn’t the typical career choice of most NUS Business Students, may we know what first drove you to this specialization?

I actually did both Marketing and Management as specialisation during my university days because I felt that these are areas that are relatively less structured and allowed me to tap on my strengths where I enjoyed innovating and pushing boundaries. I embarked on several internships and only began an HR internship in my third year. It was then that I realised that I enjoyed impacting people’s lives directly, finding it a purpose that drives me. Thus a key lesson here is to be open to your options because you never know what’s best for you until you give it a shot!

Q2. With your experiences, can you give us one important lesson or observation that you have gained regarding those in the industry or those who wish to aspire for greater heights in the Business world?

Q3. The transition from working in the corporate world to starting your own business must have been tough, can you share with our readers more of what the journey was like?

The transition from working in the corporate ladder to starting your own business must have been tough, can you share with our readers more of what the journey was like?

The transition from a corporate job to founding my own business is definitely challenging as it required a totally different type of mindset and skillsets. However, what I felt had been helpful was having mentors who provided me with valuable advice which helped drive me forward in this pursuit. The importance of having good mentors cannot be understated. A good mentor is one who not only provides advice. He/she is also a friend, a sounding board as well as a pillar of support when you need.

As an entrepreneur, you may feel like you are fighting a lone battle at times where seemingly no one understands what you are facing. As such, mentors can be the beacon to shine the light in the right direction in times of frustration and when you are feeling lost.

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