@NVPC with Vincent Ng

BBA 2017

Junior Curator & Community Coordinator, A Good Space



Interview questions sneak peek!

Q1. We can see that you are heavily involved in social causes and social change here in Singapore, can we know what first gave you the inspiration to be involved in these issues?

Q2. As we note your exciting journey in life, can we ask if you could change anything, what would be the first thing you would change in your younger self?

Q3. Any other parting advice you would like to give our readers?

Stay tune for interview excerpt!

Spotlight stories is a program that reaches out to alumni at different career stages to hear about their stories and life experiences. Run by the BSA Youth Wing, Spotlight Stories interviews are conducted by NUS Biz Undergrad student ambassadors selected through an interview process every year. Students get to meet alumni at their workplaces to conduct an hour long of in-depth interview and build closer relationships.

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