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Updated: Aug 16, 2018


Fixed Income Sales & Trading

Morgan Stanley


Q. What was the most outstanding of the right decisions you made so far in your career?

One of the internships I applied for required me to be posted to the Morgan Stanley Hong Kong office. I applied for a few other internships based in Singapore as well. I was glad that I chose to intern at Hong Kong as the Singapore Market is comparatively small and the Hong Kong market is much more vibrant. Throughout the internship, I gained an appreciation for everything around me. Morgan Stanley’s culture was the most important thing that influenced my decision to choose the company now. I felt that I could get along best with the interviewers from Morgan Stanley. As a student, I was afraid of the large number of rounds of interviews. However, with Morgan Stanley I enjoyed the different rounds of interviews as it allowed me to communicate with a diverse group of people and I had a clearer view on my internship role.

Q. Could you share with our readers how you decide to settle on Finance as your specialization for your degree?

During my Junior College years, I was very focused on studying and scoring good grades. I did not really think about how I could make money in the future. I wanted to join the science industry to work in the physics field. However, throughout my national service I decided to take up financial literacy courses to further my knowledge about the finance industry. I discovered that I was interested in the Financial Markets and thus had a clear vision of where I wanted to work in the future

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