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Updated: Aug 28, 2018


Head of Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan - Talent and Learning Solutions


Interview questions sneak peek!

Q2. After your time in IBM, you have had a very colorful career. You worked at tech giant Oracle, but also moved to Pearson Education and eventually LinkedIn. How did you decide on these career moves?

First and foremost, I perceive career moves differently. Traditionally, we talk about career very linearly, using analogies such as “climbing the ladder”. To me, the analogy I prefer to use is “the jungle gym”, as I believe that there is more than one single ladder we can climb –– these days, we can move up or down the ladder and even laterally as well. Many people these days are looking for experiences that invigorate them and finding a sense of greater purpose in what they do. I firmly believe that in this “jungle gym”, we can strengthen our muscles as we move from tree to tree. The advice I would give to people with similar ambitions are to learn to asses and take intelligent risks, be open, be aligned with your passion and purpose, and to develop your own strong network.

Q. Finally, do you have any advice on learning for our readers?

Throughout my career, I did a lot of learning, unlearning and relearning. When you become a people manager, it is important to know that what used to work, will not work again. Remind yourself that what got you here, will not get you further. For example, one of my biggest learning was using models and frameworks like SWOT Analysis or the BCG Matrix in the past to frame problems, but now I tend to look at the data first.

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