@Greendot with Fu Yong Hong

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

BBA (Hons) 2014




BSA Student ambassadors @ Ascendas

Q. Why did you choose entrepreneurship?

My business partner, Justin, is my close childhood friend. We were secondary school classmates and back then I was surprised to find out he was vegetarian because I didn’t know anything about it and it seemed like a very niche market. In Year 2, Justin approached me to start a vegetarian business venture with him even though I didn’t know anything about cooking and we were both still studying. But I was interested and knew I wanted to learn. I packed my modules into two days (Thursday and Friday) and chose modules available on these two school days, not based on interest. My lessons would be packed from 9am-6pm and I had to eat in class due to back-to-back lessons. However, this freed up my schedule from Monday to Wednesday, and gave me time to focus on my business. Looking back, my sacrifices were worth it because by the time I graduated, I had 4 school stores. I eventually opened my first flagship stall in Bedok.

Q. What struggles did you face while building Greendot?

Learning to cook was a struggle. Entering the competitive F&B industry is a struggle. If you do not know how to manage operations, you will not make it. I constantly faced a lot of self-doubt. I have always studied hard since young, and there are times I question myself why I ended up cooking. While my friends were having fun and enjoying school life, I was cutting broccoli. However, this trained me to have patience.

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