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Updated: Aug 16, 2018

BBA 2016

Partner Manager


Q. Out of curiosity, given that you have mentioned to us that you received multiple job offers, what is the first-most aspect of a career that attracts you to it?

Actually, when I was in the process of choosing the right job fit for myself, there is no first-most aspect as opposed to a set of three criteria which I have dubbed the Holy Trinity for work. This trinity revolves around the aspects of learning, friendship, and money-making.

Q. To end off, can we know what inspires and motivates you to continue on with your work?

My dad has always been a source of inspiration and motivation to me even though he does not work directly in the same field as me, being a chef. Even so, watching him meticulously select and utilise the

best quality dishes as he cooks with enthusiasm for his restaurant’s patrons is simply awe-inspiring and gives me the motivation to give my best in my work.

In fact, I plan to potentially work on my own start-up one day with the skills, knowledge and motivation instilled in me so that I too can make an impact in the Business world in a more direct way in the future.

To know the full transcript, check out our publication and come to Connexxion 2018, you might get a chance to meet this alumni!

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